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Elvis “pump it up” !

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It is always interesting to observe how the curious What to behave when entering a shop.
There 2 schools…

The version store chain:

-       You need help?
-Non merci ...

Or in the version store as Elvis!

-       You need help?
-Oui! I want to try everything Elvis !

Indeed,I'm just saying Elvis because this is precisely what is striking. The famous Belgian milliner (it seems that a wearing Madonna et Sharon Stone, noooo, yes yes ! And has collaborated with major fashion houses like Chanel and Valentino… May not be !), is called Elvis the simplest way ... He did not ask, the clients can not help it ...
So needless to say, we have been extremely well received in his shop !

For the holiday season, we (N & Q) we have chosen to go to Elvis Pompilio. The fury of Christmas shopping and the desire to (already) we put on our 31, are probably something. Hats will try !
Elvis we selected a few pieces each. The most "wise" (this is a big word) the most extravagant (of course)!

Between the bonnet made of Angora cat and Swan (Must say one “N” !) through the hat Mrs. Claus (where N. embodies perfection!), hats Elvis always give the final touch to any occasion and timeless! The chic (sometimes) shifted to reach head !

In his own words, Elvissees his shop "old". Not / no longer export to other cities, the milliner is in Brussels, with the exception of a pop-up store, right now, in the creative space of the second floor Maria Luisa in Paris until SPRING 15 January.

For non-Paris (although), it is here:

Boutique studio Elvis Pompilio
Grand Sablon
67 Rue Lebeau
1000 Brussels.

Of course we would have liked to try all the hats, as well as we wanted to show you every detail that makes the shop a treasure trove graphic designer. But it is now time to prepare for the holidays and wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year ! 2013 will, pour fitting-room, mean big changes and new so stay tuned ! And of course, if you liked the article, likez, share and comment !

q. (w / N.)

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November 26, 2012 0

My moment of madness mode Dragon Tatoo

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We continue our exploration of shopping and fashion trends and, this time, is Cerre – the luxury label designers Flavie and Clayton Webster in Los Angeles – we opened. Their name is perhaps not yet ascended to your ears, but you probably know their job master. The "Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" was the leather - jacket and bag - in the first film Millenium.

Cerre it's upscale aesthetics Rock bohemian whose obscure celebrities adore.
Leather, you will understand, is their signature and I completely fell in love with their impeccably cut jackets and accessories - in which I found the expertise of the French fashion houses, Such Hermes.

Jersey dresses further or fine silk Kimono, their materials are noble and worked on site in the workshop boutique on Melrose Avenue…
And besides being talented, they are beautiful in Cerre ! Perrine, designer label, lent itself to the game of Fitting-room and came back in the cabin with me.

It is left for fitting:

OUTFIT#1: robe en cuir - $$$ | Kimono in soie - $$$

Outfit 2 : Robe and jersey $$$ / Leather jacket scarf integrated $$$

I buy good leather jacket and kimono without hesitation. Shuuttt not talking about price, this is luxury. Pieces cut to measure, phones in all circumstances. Class or relaxes. J’adore. And after all, remember, Fashion is also say yes to heart strokes sometimes costly.

Now, question remains: "Flavie, Clayton, to when the shoes ? »

8920 Melrose Avenue
West Hollywood, CA 90069

Photos by  Celia Diane

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September 27, 2012 1

Inside Bonnie & Jane’s fitting room

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As promised in the previous article, we went to meet the boutiques of the capital to discover new brands, assess trends, put the key pieces of the season, who knows, crack. Over the frustration of window shopping. It pushes the doors and try all. We match the style or not, no bias. Indeed, Speaking prices, low because the ; Fashion is also say yes to heart strokes sometimes costly. Let’s go inside the fitting room.

The first rendezvous at Bonnie & Jane rue Darwin, 34 in Ixelles. Address which we had already spoken on the occasion of the opening of the store that would young, like, just breathe, as we, her first candle. ( ). For those who do not yet know, attention to addiction! And entrer, is adhering. First place for itself, where we craquerait much on clothes as decoration “cocoon-vintage”; then, for the warm welcome and advice enthusiasts and Laurie Anne. The shop sells brands like Valentine Gauthier, My Desmoiselles, Holy June or Sartoria Vico which is excluded in Belgium.

Bonnie& Jane had prepared two looks inspired, mixing elegance and casual with a wink and a combination of vintage materials I like.

• Outfit 1 : Valentine Gauthier flowered smock - 135 € | Valentine Gauthier jacket – 175€ | Pants True NYC - 170 € | Valentine Gauthier hat - € 85
• Outfit 2 : Robe Valentine Gauthier € 280 | My vest Demoiselles Paris - € 260

Ready for fitting :

I keep personal CHINOT bottle green hat and Valentine Gauthier. Not to mention the cozy vest that I wear day and night by rain (yes, my good lady, It's autumn). But for a first fitting "fitting room", goodbye weather, hello good mood.

The following !

For more information, please visit their page facebook

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September 17, 2012 1

[Almost Happy] Birthday Fitting-room !

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Fitting-room is back ! “N” returned from Los Angeles (finally…), the holidays are over and … drumroll… Fitting-room fête ses 1 an! (I am aware that the drumbeat was not really necessary because the title of the article…). For the occasion it was invited to the imaginary museum, instead of the ball game in Brussels for a few photos and blow the candle.

The ground floor ( which houses the museum itself and its impressive collection of virgin and Jesus all kinds) the room through the kitchen, every corner of this place makes you want to take pictures at a rate of screeching wood stairs. And of course partying deal with antiques and wall color flash. Pure bliss (which can not be seen especially on the following pictures, I grant you ;) ).

One can of course not help but have a little thought for “The” present at the launch of fitting-room but we loose abandoned during the year ;) Happy Birthday also obviously!


D'accord, d'accord, a birthday, we do not seem to really have fun… Worry, it does not draw the mouth to pose for ;) See for yourself!

But we did not stop there, after 1 year of trial and error items as varied qu'amusants to, it was decided to re-focus a bit (honestly) the basic concept. A knowledge, the fitting!

From today, N & Q will walk through a series of shops and trying clothes. The styling is done by the owners or by us, the name of the blog will finally take real meaning! So stay tuned to discover new shops and / or new collections for women and menof course ! (If you have ideas for shops, do not hesitate to send them course!)

And if after flea mottled, desire tells you to stop for brunch in this mystical place and rustic, Angela Marie will be happy to prepare a beautiful table for your guests and let express your culinary talents. Impossible not to feel at home and resist the temptation to wander through the art gallery, to drink a drink on Thursday evening, even spend the night in the Blue Room. What unleash the imagination ...

Remember… Continue to share our blog and if it is not yet, Likez our facebook page!


For information on the imaginary museum : www.facebook/museimaginaire • M. +32 475 61 54 19 •

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